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Allstar Fuel Card

Allstar Fuel Card
  • Network
    Allstar offers you the largest fuel site network in the UK. The network gives your drivers access to 100% of all major fuel brands which is around 8,000 sites nationwide, including motorway sites and lower cost supermarkets.
  • Network Coverage
    8,500+ (95% of UK fuel stations)
  • HGV Sites
  • Pricing
    Our fuel card enables savings of up to 4 pence per litre when compared with the national average and much more when compared with motorway and more expensive sites.
  • Invoice Format
    Invoices are sent by email and details each transaction by card, date, time & fuel station.
  • Payment Method
    Direct Debit
  • Management Information
    Take control of you fuel expenditure, access an unrivalled filling station network (around 8,000 sites), simplify administration, manage your account online and take advantage of Allstar's intelligent fuel management.
Diesel Direct Texaco Somerfield Shell Esso Mobil Total Morrisons Gulf

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The Fuelcard Company are part of Fleetcor - the largest Fuel Card supplier in the World - with over 130,000 customers in Europe alone.

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Allstar Fuel Card
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