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Glossary of Fuel Card Terms and Definitions

On this page, you would find terms that are most commonly used in reference to the fuel cards. Please do contact us if you are unable to infer any of the below-listed terms.

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The urea-based additive for vehicles is now available at many sites across the UK. With the pressure now on for fleets to confirm to Euro 4 & 5 standards, Ad-Blue cleans post combustion resulting in lower tail pipe emissions.

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Diesel manufactured from oil derived from crops or vegetable oil. Pure, non-blended biodiesel can be poured straight into the tank of any diesel vehicle. However 100% bio-Diesel over the pumps is not readily available in the UK.

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Card Charges
Annual Fee per card. This fee varies depending on the type of card purchased.

Chip and Pin
Added security feature to a fuel card to ensure 99.9% that the cards can not be cloned to limit fraud.

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Data Bridge
System installed in vehicle to monitor mileage/fuel management.

Industry name for diesel. Stands for Diesel engine road vehicle.

An individual transaction made on a fuel card – An individual ‘Draws’ fuel from a forecourt pump.

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Fixed Price
A price for Diesel or Petrol set each week which is applicable to all fixed price stations on the individual fuel card networks.

Fleet Card
A fuel card designed for fleets of vehicles. Typically offering a pump pricing policy and larger UK wide network coverage.

Place to buy fuel such as a garage or site.

Fuel Card
Similar to a credit card, Used to buy fuel, lubricants & other items. Offers a company more control over purchases.

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Gas Oil
Also called red diesel, used for machinery + plant.

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Heavy goods vehicle

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The bill we send to customers for all products purchased on their fuel cards. Invoices are broken down per transaction and show detailed information including a VAT breakdown.

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Light commercial vehicle

Liquid petroleum gas – cheaper than petrol however vehicles have to be modified. Government grants are available however availability of LPG is very poor.

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Garages/Sites that are available to a specific fuel card. Network sizes and types vary by fuel card

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OLAM (Online Account management)
Web based system for customers to view there own accounts online. Customers can view transaction details for each fuel card.

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Payment Terms
Time in days between date of invoice and when a direct debit will be taken.

Pence per litre.

Price Notification
How we communicate a fixed weekly price to customers. We can do this through e-mail, fax or a text message.

Pump Price
Certain fuel cards work on a ‘pump pricing’ policy, this means you pay the price that is advertised on the forecourt.

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Red Diesel
Diesel used for machinery or plant usage. Red diesel is illegal on the UK roads. Also known as ‘gas oil’.

Road Haulage association – A UK body with membership of around 10,000 hauliers. They translate the government’s legislation into real world application for its haulier members.

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Smart Sites
Site where chip and pin card is used normally automated un-manned sites.

Site Directory
Site directories are available for all of our cards. They are generally an A5 booklet detailing all the sites available on that specific fuel card network.

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VAT Approved
Invoice covers all information on VAT to customer can claim back in a format acceptable to the Inland Revenue.