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18 Jun 2009

Yet more bad news for British motorists, there has been an increase of 1.52p per litre in the last 3 weeks, bringing the national average prices to over 105p per litre!!

This is set to increase further over the next week or so, petrol has already gone up over the last 3 weeks by nearly 5p per litre (a similar increase to this time last year).

There are cries for the Tax rise in september to be delayed, which will help to stem the dramatic increase in fuel costs but whether this happens or not the prices are still going to be high and this is not good news for any of us.

UK business are being hit especially hard by the fuel costs in the current climate, for some companies fuel is the second highest cost behind staff.

Many companies are being forced to cut jobs and similarly companies that run a fleet of vehicles are cutting back on their travel – for some it’s the only way to keep afloat in these troubled times.

There is light on the horizon though, fuel cards typically offer a saving of around 3p per litre off the national average pump prices – sometimes as much as 10-15p per litre off motorway prices. This discount can help UK businesses to offset some of the increase in fuel prices and hopefully keep companies going through the recession.

I will keep the blog up to date with any changes in the fuel market to let you know if the price goes up further (or hopefully goes down!!)


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