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8 Nov 2012

So, a new survey conducted on behalf of the Commercial Vehicle Forum 2012 has shown that consumers would like the transport sector to clean up its act and reduce its carbon emissions. Meanwhile, those working in the sector are concerned with becoming more sustainable and efficient. Yes, you could say this survey is pointing out the blindingly obvious, but there is some relevance to these findings.

Firstly, let’s look at sustainability – well, what sector doesn’t want to be sustainable? But for transport this is a real issue. The rising costs of fuel is a major concern to the point that 31 percent of transport professionals are genuinely worried about maintaining a profit. For every fuel purchase, over 58 percent goes straight to the Treasury in the form of fuel duty and VAT. Haulage companies are effectively treated as cash cows to the Government which is providing very little support in return. Commercial vehicles are vital to the UK economy with 90 percent of raw materials and finished products being delivered by road. The sector is the lifeblood of British industry and the foundation of the economy.

Unfortunately, profitability isn’t the only threat to the sector’s future. A poor perception of the transport industry has led to 19 percent of respondents struggling to hire enough staff. Hard to believe with unemployment at over 2.5 million, but there you have it. More apprenticeships are needed to find the right staff, boost the image of the sector and generate the technological advances needed to increase efficiency.

So let’s move on to efficiency – an efficient transport industry is beneficial to everyone, from professionals working in the sector to the Government and environmentally conscious consumers. Reducing CO₂ emissions has a direct result on fuel efficiency and so operators are doing all they can to improve in this area. The survey found most transport professionals believe the introduction of efficient engines, together with longer trucks, are the best ways to achieve optimum efficiency. Again, however, a lack of Government support has meant fleet operators are largely left to solve these issues on their own.

The long and short is, yes the public and Government would like a nice, clean and efficient industry to transport their pretty things and the transport sector wants the exact same thing. Just a little help and support, and perhaps a dash of understanding, would be most welcome too.



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