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30 Jun 2009

We all know there’s a recession on. And that we’ve had a sunny summer so far. Inevitably, with less money to spend, more and more of us will opt for the modest but satisfying pleasures of a UK holiday this summer.


With the Coach Touring Council predicting that some seven million people will take a coach tour in 2009 as part of their vacation, budget seeking Brits are clearly intent on cutting costs without foregoing the holiday experience.


If you are a coach operator, the bunker price discounts available with a fuel card could save you anything between £2,500 and £25,000 a year, depending on your fleet size.


Fuel card users save further cash through added control and the streamlining of administration costs.


And that’s not all – for a limited time only, we’ve even waived the £12 administration charge normally charged per card for bus and coach firms


Our message to British bus and coach operators: be more discriminating about what you pay for fuel – and how you pay for it.


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