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Unanimous support for new offence – causing serious injury by dangerous driving

So, serious blog this week on a topic we feel strongly about – the newly instated ‘causing serious injury by dangerous driving’ offence.

We certainly welcome the introduction of this new criminal offence which sees the maximum sentence for dangerous driving more than double to five years – currently just two years, even if someone is seriously injured. And 94 percent of drivers agree with us, according to a poll by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

However, unbelievably, six percent of the IAM’s poll respondents somehow think this is a bad idea. But if we look at the case that spurred this change in the law, it beggars belief how this change was not brought about sooner.

Fourteen-year-old Devon Foster was left fighting for her life last year after a man, driving at 90mph under the influence of alcohol and on the wrong side of the road, mounted the pavement and crashed into her. She suffered a fracture that ran from ear to ear under the front of her eyes, a cracked bone in her back, a bruised kidney, a fractured right arm and an ankle injury.

The driver, Christopher Marr, was jailed for just 26 months and released after 13. Judge Steven Everett presided over the case and had the court transcripts sent to the Prime Minister and the Justice Secretary after finding out he couldn’t sentence him for longer.

Devon’s mum, Sam, said of the changes: “It is wonderful, it’s great news. It is a pity it has had to happen like this for so many families to go through what we’ve gone through for the Government to sit up and take notice.

“Christopher Marr is already out of prison but Devon is still serving her life sentence.”

It is about time the punishment was proportionate to the devastation these reckless and selfish motorists cause and that’s why we’re supporting this change.


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