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Fuel Card Blog Updates: Stock up on the non-drowsy

It’s been reported today that motorists with a heavy cold or flu suffer slower reaction speeds and increased erratic driving – similar to the habits of a drink-driver – that could put themselves and other drivers at risk.

We’re genuinely surprised! We all know that whatever your job and especially while on the road, working with a cold can be a real nightmare but we didn’t think that it could really put people’s lives at risk.

The research, carried out by Young Marmalade in association with Halfords, was conducted using a telematics box which records drivers’ speed, braking and cornering habits and found that drivers with a heavy cold are likely to also suffer a 50 percent drop in their driving ability. That’s equivalent to drinking four double whiskies! Scary? We think so!

Although there aren’t any official stats regarding accidents caused by sneezes, coughs and stray tissues, the insurance industry suspects that motorists are responsible for thousands of accidents while under the weather.

Co-Founder of Young Marmalade, Nigel Lacy, said that the study represents a warning for motorists, adding that “a heavy cold can impair a driver’s mood, concentration and judgement”, while a spokesman for the Central Motorway Police Group said that motorists could even be prosecuted for getting behind the wheel with a heavy cold.

While we’re not suggesting you should stay in and put your feet up at the first sign of sniffles, this advice is definitely worth heeding in order to keep yourself and others safe. Better safe than sorry…


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