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20 Dec 2011

With the industry’s news agenda still full of doom and gloom predicting the rising cost of insurance and ever-increasing fuel prices, we’ve been looking into simple ways that fleets can save money on a daily basis.

Telematics systems might seem like a glorified black box, but they’re a great way to monitor drivers’ habits in order to save you money. We reported last week that four in five fleet drivers admit to breaking speed limits – while cruising at 80mph on the motorway might not seem like you’re really going hell for leather, it burns up to 20 percent more fuel than driving at 70mph. With fuel prices still steadily increasing, can you really afford to let your drivers burn this extra fuel? Not to mention potential fines they might receive for breaking the speed limit!

It’s also becoming more common for insurers to investigate the possibility of offering juicy ‘pay how you drive’ discounts to fleets using telematic systems and forward-facing cameras. Considering news that premiums are on the up, driver profiling through telematics can be a great way of keeping a lid on your insurance costs.

We believe it’s better to be made aware of drivers’ bad habits behind the wheel before they become a costly problem, as you’ll be able to rectify these with training and safety reminders. If one of your drivers is caught breaking the law on the road, they’ll be at risk of receiving penalty points. It may be tempting to transfer these onto another driver’s clean slate; don’t do it! It’s illegal and can land everyone involved with an even heftier fine.

We’re a supporter of the FairFuelUK campaign (alongside the Road Haulage Association and Freight Transport Association) which is championing a call to Government urging the Chancellor to lower fuel tax for commercial drivers. While we’re waiting for the Chancellor to wake up and smell the petrol fumes, we’d advise using telematics to help save the pennies everywhere you can.

We hope you’ll find some of these tips helpful in keeping an eye on the pennies – as we all know too well, every little helps in our industry now more than ever.


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