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14 Oct 2011

Fuel cards are proven to help businesses and fleets who need to keep a tight hold on their motoring costs and how they are managed. Therefore The Fuelcard Company was surprised to learn this week that 40 per cent of fleets with more than 25 cars/vans are neither using nor enjoying the many benefits of fuel cards.

Research on fuel buying by B2B marketing services provider MIB Data Solutions saw only 60 per cent of 616 companies saying they use fuel cards to acquire their fuel. Other methods were driver pay and reclaim (at 18 per cent), bunkered fuel (17 per cent), credit card (11 per cent) and local account (four per cent).

With spiraling fuel prices never out of the news and the serious impact of fuel costs on business which is impossible to ignore, it is perplexing how so many companies are not recognising how fuel cards can help, not only in terms of the preferential rates on fuel, but also the added control over fuel spend and streamlining of fuel management administration they provide.

Nick Boddington, managing director of MIB Data Solutions, rightly said fuel is “the fastest rising cost facing fleets in recent years” and voiced his concerns that many firms may not be aware of how fuel cards can help. He added: “Those using fuel cards have the highest degree of control over their fuel spend while those with bunkered fuel and local accounts have at least some – but that still leaves around one in four or one in five fleets who abdicate responsibility completely.

“Fleets using credit cards or pay-and-reclaim have no way of easily seeing where fuel is being bought, how much drivers are paying, who is using excess fuel and even whether fraud is occurring.”

Obviously this research is a relatively small snapshot of companies, but if this is applied nationwide, there could be countless more businesses not considering fuel cards as part of the solution to their fuel price woes.

Visit to Business Fuelcards to see what products are on offer and access detailed information about the benefits available – it may just make all the difference!


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