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20 Sep 2011

FairFuelUK took its fight to the Liberal Democrats Party Conference in Birmingham yesterday (19 September) to attempt yet again to put pressure on the Government to address the vital fuel duty issue.

Quentin Willson, who is heading the campaign, joined a panel of experts at a fringe event organised by ‘The Transport Hub’, which challenged politicians on the need to consider economic growth, affordable road fuel and the environment.

According to Willson, there was ‘broad agreement’ that motorists and businesses are suffering from some of the highest levels of fuel duty in Europe. Broad agreement? Talk about an understatement. Our survey found that 35 per cent of businesses have been forced to turn down work because it is impossible to make any profit due to escalating fuel costs; thousands of people across the country have drastically changed their driving habits, slowing down to save on fuel, and yet and yet there was only ‘broad agreement’ that the fuel issue needs to be addressed?

Even taxi drivers have woken up to the over-priced smell of fuel and transformed their driving style to save money. Shell challenged 18 cab drivers to cut their fuel costs by adopting fuel-efficient driving techniques. The experiment was a huge success and the cab drivers exceeded their initial target of 10 percent fuel consumption savings over a month, doubling it to 20 percent. If cabbies are prepared to reform their notoriously erratic driving behaviour to save a few bob on fuel costs we must be in trouble!

FairFuelUK now has the support of 150 MPs and needs just 10,000 more signatures to force a Parliamentary debate on the fuel duty issue, however our sceptical side wonders whether this will make a blind bit of difference. Although generating this level of support – only a mere 90 thousand signatures – should result in Government action to ease the plight of struggling motorists, our protests seem to have been falling on deaf ears.

If you haven’t already, please sign the petition, as the more noise we all make the more difficult it will become for the Government to ignore us.


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