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Fuelcard Blog Updates: Clear the clutter

Grubby, untidy, littered, smelly… While you may think we’re talking about the typical teenager’s bedroom, we are actually referring to how most at-work drivers keep the inside of their vehicles.

In a survey of 2,000 fleet personnel by Autoglass, a third of van drivers had fast food packaging on their dashboards, while 24 percent had cuddly toys and other accessories and 21 percent newspapers. Fleet maintenance expert Fleet Support Group has also reported that the interior condition of some employees’ vehicles is so appalling that many garages have refused to carry out work until the rubbish has been removed.

The Fuelcard Company has this week warned fleet drivers of the other risks, aside from obvious poor hygiene and aesthetics, of having a cluttered dashboard or cab.  With freight crime on the rise, such untidiness could in fact result in drivers being targeted by opportunist criminals looking to steal fuel cards, satellite navigation systems and mobile phones, as such items are less likely to be missed in a cluttered cab.

Marketing director for The Fuelcard Company, Jakes de Kock, pointed out: “If spotted straight away, fuel cards can be stopped immediately preventing a petty crime turning into a financial disaster which could cost your company thousands. Fortunately for customers of The Fuelcard Company, we offer zero liability optional cover on all our fuel cards.”

Meanwhile, the Autoglass poll also revealed that 33 percent of van drivers and 34 percent of truck drivers have had between 11 and 30 near misses in the past year due to obscured views caused by dashboard clutter. Seriously, how messy do you have to be to cause this much of an obstruction? We reckon these drivers would not keep their homes in this sort of state. Why should their vehicles be any different?

Coupled with fuel inefficiency and bad motoring habits, it looks like at-work drivers really need to clean up their act.


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Oct 21, 2011
9:52 am
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