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White van man brainiest on the road?

A controversial survey this week has revealed that the white van man is the most knowledgeable type of driver… not to say that we agree with stereotypes, but we’re quite surprised!

Apparently shrugging off his stigma among other road users, white van men scored highly across a range of categories including the Highway Code, road networks, geography and pop culture.

In contrast, taxi drivers scored lowest in most of the questions asked, including rules of the road.

The survey questioned around 2,000 road users, consisting of cyclists, 4×4 owners, taxi drivers, van drivers and BMW drivers, although those commenting on the story online have noted that naming white van men as the most intelligent is picking the best of a bad bunch.

As an example, more than three-quarters of van drivers knew that motorway signs were mostly blue, while less than half of 4×4 drivers did. Additionally more van drivers knew how many points it took to lose their licence and even who won Britain’s Got Talent. Who did win Britain’s Got Talent…?

A spokesman from, who commissioned the survey, said: “We do a lot of work with van drivers and these results certainly fit our experience of them.

“The stereotype is completely outdated now as we find more and more people setting up their own businesses. These results really challenge the negative perceptions around van drivers. You can never judge anyone by the vehicle they drive.”

We think that this is true – you can never judge a book by its cover. Will you be chatting literature with the next white van man you run into in the services?


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