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1 Jul 2011

One Range Rover owner was left flabbergasted this week after he was ordered by the DVLA to remove a number plate which could “cause offence”, despite him buying it from the DVLA’s own website.

Alan Clarke bought the plate, numbered BO11 LUX, for his new vehicle six weeks before he received a letter ordering him to take it off and replace it with a new, more suitable one.

We can see both sides of this story. A company chairman and family man spots a number plate which he knows will cause much mirth among friends, loved ones and other motorists and buys it, happy in the knowledge that it’s “100 per cent legal” because he’s buying it legitimately from the DVLA website. Unfortunately, the DVLA does not want the number plate to cause offence to other members of the public.

However the missing link is the fact the DVLA sold the number plate in the first place. They allowed the plate to be sold and did not spot the obvious connotations the number may have. But they’re still on the verge of criminalising an otherwise virtuous motorist, someone with full tax, insurance and registration documents.  Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mr Clarke said: “’I would love to know what offence I am committing.”

It’s obvious that Mr Clarke did this for a B1T 0FUN really… But with him refusing to remove the offending number plate, it will be interesting to see how this plays out over the coming weeks.


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