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Stop fooling us on fuel

Soaring fuel prices are still top of motorists’ priorities, according to leading fuel campaign group FairFuelUK.

No big surprise there, oil prices have plummeted over recent weeks and yet prices at the pump have not followed suit. To call this a disparity is a major understatement.

Over half of those questioned in a FairFuelUK survey said that a reduction in fuel prices would make a significant difference to their lives. This was more people than those who were interested in other political issues such as the rejection of the alternative vote and the potential sale of forests by the Forestry Commission.

Quentin Willson, who is leading the FairFuelUK campaign, wants the Government to put fuel prices back on the agenda. Mr Willson said: “I am calling on the Government to work out what is happening – who’s making the money and why aren’t these oil price falls being passed on?”

There are so many metaphors we could use for the ongoing fuel price debate. Groundhog Day, broken record, the list goes on. But it’s not just annoying; people’s businesses, jobs and livelihoods are literally being put on the line by crippling fuel prices. That’s why it’s time for the Government to take real action on this issue. To help persuade them, visit to sign the national petition supported by The Fuelcard Company.


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