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10 Jun 2011

We were shocked by the extent of drug-driving commonly going on in the UK, as reported by Direct Line Car Insurance.

A survey run by the firm has seen 1.2 million motorists admit to driving under the influence of drugs such as cannabis, cocaine and Ecstasy in the last 12 months – a mean average of 100,000 people a month.

Not to state the obvious but that’s a lot of people! With so many offenders on the roads, it’s all a matter of probability – chances are we all know someone who has driven high on something. The Fuelcard Company condemns this practice, which is potentially putting thousands of motorists, pedestrians and other roads users in danger.

Meanwhile, the connotations this may have for the fleet industry could be quite serious. With so many people driving under the effects of drugs, how many of those could be business drivers?

No figures have yet been published to suggest these statistics include fleet drivers, but we believe all drivers, whether private or commercial, have an important lesson to learn here. Andy Goldby, director of Motor Underwriting at Direct Line Car Insurance, said: “Drug driving is as irresponsible as drink driving. The dangers of drug drivers on our roads are becoming increasingly apparent, with thousands admitting they have been involved in an accident while ‘high’ or stoned.”

We would hazard a guess that many of these motorists wouldn’t ever drink-drive – why should the same not be true of drug-driving?

Read more about the dangers of reckless driving  here.


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