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24 Jun 2011

What’s the world coming to when the cost of fuel affects how much families see each other?

This worrying trend was highlighted this week by the RAC’s Report on Motoring 2011. Rural drivers face being isolated from their families as the cost of motoring prevents them from driving as much. The RAC claims people living in the countryside are twice as reliant on their cars to visit friends and family than those who live in cities. Nearly half of the 1,002 respondents say they are cutting back on journeys for financial reasons.

It seems all we seem to talk about at the moment is how fuel prices are impacting on people’s wallets, jobs and businesses. Now it seems they could affect relationships as well.

It’s pretty rotten really, isn’t it? People work so hard during the week and seeing friends and family can be such a reward, but when it comes to saving money or seeing loved ones, what would you do? Put food on the table, pay the bills or drive the 100 or so miles to see Uncle Jim?

David Cameron is known to be hotly in favour of boosting family values and keeping families together. Is it really so easy, Prime Minister, when your Government’s fuel prices are so high?

You know something needs to be done when the very perks of country living – the wide open spaces, peace and quiet – become its downfall…


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