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Congestion-busting measures for M1

Long-suffering motorists who have spent endless hours stuck in traffic may have been given some respite after the Highways Agency introduced mandatory speed limits on certain problematic sections of the M1.

Implemented in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Hertfordshire, the Controlled Motorway System uses sensors to detect the speed, volume and flow of traffic, which will then calculate the best flow to help maintain movement and reduce congestion.

Situated between junctions 25 (Sandiacre) and 28 (Pinxton), the system will enable the Highways Agency to manage traffic during periods of peak congestion, or following an incident, by varying speed limits to smooth out traffic and reduce the risk of further collisions.

Drivers will start to see the speed limit appear in a red circle – which means it is enforceable by law – on electronic signals on overhead gantries. Nottinghamshire police are responsible for enforcing speed limits on this section of the M1.

Those on the daily slog will be absolutely delighted if these changes have their desired effect. Indeed, this is exactly what motorists asked for in a public consultation in 2010.

Speed-happy drivers should be warned of the changes to avoid getting unnecessary penalty points, as mentioned in our other blog article this week!


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