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Crash-for-cash needs to stop fast

Insurance fraud is on the rise again, The Fuelcard Company learned with alarm this week, as motorists seek to benefit from insurance claims, many a result of ‘staged’ accidents.

A report by the House of Commons Transport Committee called for the insurance industry to fund a dedicated police unit to eradicate false insurance claims and ensure that only genuine claims are honoured.

Launching the report, the committee’s chairman Louise Ellman said: “Wider access to justice is to be welcomed, but it has come at a significant cost, with far more personal injury claims being made than in the past. The police made plain to the committee that ‘staged accidents’ are on the increase and that, so far, we have been lucky there have been no fatalities resulting from such incidents. That luck may run out unless the insurance industry acts rapidly to help the police target this kind of insurance fraud.”

Soaring fuel prices are resulting in desperate times for many, and desperate measures, but staged accidents, which endanger people’s safety and ramp up car insurance premiums for all, are a step too far.

It’s amazing how time and time again, the dishonest actions of the few make the majority suffer.


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