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Big week for Fair Fuel UK campaign

120,000 – that’s the whopping number of signatures that one of the country’s biggest fair fuel campaigns has gathered on its petition for the Government to consider scrapping fuel duty and introducing a stabiliser to cushion the blow of rising global oil prices.

This is great progress in a week that held bad news for fuel prices on various counts, Not only is the Libyan crisis pushing the price of unleaded through the roof – motorists across the country could be paying £6 a gallon, or £1.32 a litre, by the middle of next week – the chairman of RMI Petrol told the Daily Telegraph that the conflict’s knock-on effect on fuel prices will also have an impact on commuting and family holidays.

On Wednesday, the Fair Fuel UK group delivered the petition to 10 Downing Street in person before giving a briefing to MPs on the very issue of fair fuel at the House of Commons.

Motoring personality Quentin Willson, who leads the campaign, said: “This issue is hurting everyone that drives a vehicle and it is the type of issue that could overwhelm a government if not addressed.

“This petition is just the beginning, not the end.  We decided to deliver the first 120,000 signatures to enable the Government to measure the strength of feeling on this issue.”

And it appeared that the Government may have decided to scrap the 1 April fuel duty rise after all, according to a report in the Guardian [link to]. With any luck, more on this will be unveiled next week.

The campaign is hotting up; let’s hope more good news will be announced soon.


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