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Motoring industry: Please address fuel duty woes!

The motoring industry has once again been calling out in unison this week for the Government to address the issue of fuel duty.

Businesses teeter on a knife’s edge due to escalating fuel costs (diesel now stands at 133p per litre) and schemes such as the fuel duty stabiliser promised by the Government, while still under consideration, have not materialised.

That’s why lowering or scrapping further fuel duty rises, the first planned for 1 April this year, would be the best thing that could happen for the industry right now.

Such is the clamour that The Fuelcard Company has re-launched its petition for the Government to lower fuel duty for commercial vehicle drivers.

Discussions are underway on this very issue on the company’s Twitter page and for every week or month that ticks by without action by the Government, the talk will get even louder.  Please sign this petition now at:

This campaign needs a response – businesses depend on it.


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