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Choices, choices?

Following so many campaigns and messages out there to consider alternative modes of transport to driving, a top columnist has said that taking the car is still cheaper than taking the train.

Referring to the recently confirmed high-speed track from Scotland to England, the Telegraph’s money expert Mike Rutherford said this week that sky-high ticket prices on swish new high-speed train lines will mean people will still see their car or van as the preferable option.

It’s ridiculous – why bring in a swish new toy to help people travel long distances (and all incidentally at a cost of more than £33 billion to the taxpayer) if most can’t afford it?

Of course motorists will choose to take the car. Even with escalating fuel costs caused by oil price, VAT and fuel duty rises, it is still the cheaper option – no way are they going to opt for an alternative mode of transport that will add to their monthly outlay, even if it’s quicker and greener. Many people don’t have the luxury to choose between cheap and green.

Just like fuel duty rises, the Government needs to consider how it can make these new and impressive routes of transport accessible to everybody.


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