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Farewell M4 Bus Lane

Hoorah! Finally, after much campaigning, the M4 bus lane will be disappearing back into the abyss from whence it came!

We drivers were fed up of sitting in frustratingly long queues alongside a 3.5 mile stretch of the M4 with a completely empty lane reserved for apparently non-existent buses, taxis, coaches, cycles and emergency vehicles only. And it seems our wishes have been answered.

The Highways Agency moved in overnight, closing off the lane and starting work on replacing the road signs and markings, leaving us with just half a mile of the dreaded lane to battle through and it seems this will be gone by December. This is fantastic news for commuters travelling into London and should make travelling to and from nearby Heathrow Airport for Christmas trips away a lot more enjoyable.

We have heard that the lane will be closed again during the 2012 Olympic Games for “special transport arrangements” for athletes completing but should reopen for general use soon after. Although this may prove inconvenient, driving will undoubtedly be horrendous around London during the Games anyway so maybe best just to avoid the area all together


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