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Changing your mindset

Following the bad news of last week in the form of the fuel duty hike going ahead as planned, this week was all about the simple ways by which motorists can save money on fuel, even if the Government seems to be doing its utmost to make this as hard as possible.

It’s all about looking closer to home and thinking differently about driving and driving habits. This could include sharing a car to cut down on your fuel costs and those of your colleagues or friends, or investing in driver training. These things pay dividends in terms of reducing money spent at the pumps, as well as all those other inherent benefits, such as lowering carbon emissions and easing congestion.

As a major reseller of fuel cards, we are always looking for ways to save customers money. That could be the use of fuel cards, eco-driving, using a different mode of transport, opting for diesel instead of petrol, looking at alternative fuels, or even getting rid of extra vehicle weight such as empty roof racks. There’s no limit to the good things you can do to make a difference to your wallet, or make that monthly company budget go further.

For example, more drivers are turning to car-sharing as a way to tackle soaring fuel costs and rising car parking bills, says the AA. One in five AA members share an approved vehicle at least once a week, according to the association’s latest research.  Interestingly, the study also found that people aged 25-35 are most likely to give, or get, a lift every day so maybe there’s an age factor in this still relatively new practice.

Meanwhile, Fleet News reported this week that food firm 3663 and Hermes Driving Schools have both invested in additional driver training for their fleets, focusing on safety and fuel-efficiency.  They reduced fuel consumption by five per cent and 4.5 per cent respectively.

It’s amazing the big difference small changes can make…


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