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25 Sep 2010

Road users and motoring groups alike were still protesting against the planned fuel duty rise of 1p per litre this week.

The AA called for the hike to be scrapped to boost the economy, and to protect motorists who are already coping with some of the highest fuel prices in Europe.

The organisation was backed up by the Association of British Drivers’ Roger Lawson who told the Express: “The Government is taxing motorists almost out of existence and we think that is discriminatory. Motorists are paying more than their fair share.”

Meanwhile, farmers and bikers have joined the battle against spiralling fuel costs this week.

The bikers are so up in arms in Scotland that hundreds are expected to take to the roads tomorrow (25 September) to form a ‘rolling roadblock’ in protest against soaring fuel prices, according to the Scotsman.

As the days tick away before the fuel duty rise, we can’t help but think that the Government’s reaction is similar to that of putting one’s hands over one’s ears and shouting ‘Lalala – I can’t hear you!’

And it seems to be working to ensure the highly unpopular fuel duty hike is going to go ahead as planned.


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