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2 Aug 2010

Now we really have heard it all.  We’ve always known driving can be good for the soul, but it can now literally be good for your health, with the arrival of new Nissan cars which pump breathable Vitamin C into the inside of the vehicle through the air-conditioning which can help to naturally moisturise drivers’ skin.
In addition, it is introducing air purifiers developed by Sharp to reduce airborne bacteria and mold, and even control bad smells!

“We want drivers to feel that they are healthier staying in the car instead of on the outside,” a Nissan engineer said Wednesday at a test drive event outside Tokyo.

In addition, new Nissans will be fitted with heated, shaped seats specifically designed to alleviate back pain, promote comfort and help with stress.

We definitely support these plans as we can see the benefits for the haulier, the business driver and the commuter, who often have to spend hours at any one time cooped up in their vehicle, which can be a drag for even the most patient of drivers.  Why not feel healthier at the end of a journey, we say.


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