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13 Jul 2010

This week cowboy hats, beef burgers and serious fuel pricing issues have all been on our minds here at The Fuelcard Company:  we’ve launched the Don’t Fleece our Fleet campaign.

This national operation is being taken to where fuel price hikes are felt most – commercial vehicle drivers, in a bid to persuade Government to lower fuel tax, support the transport industry, and bring much-needed cheer to beleaguered hauliers.
A national petition has been launched encouraging ministers to lower fuel tax, or freeze it at its current level, before the UK fleet industry suffers irreparable damage.

During its six-week tour of truck-stops up and down the country, The Fuelcard Company is using a particularly tasty tool to communicate with commercial vehicle drivers and get them to sign the petition (as if they wouldn’t anyway!) – a 14ft American BBQ serving free burgers.
While The Fuelcard Company also acknowledged the impact fuel duty hikes have on motorists, Marketing Director Jakes de Kock said: “The burden falls mainly on our hauliers, who provide a vital service, transporting essential goods across the country and often working unsocial hours which take them away from their families.

“In addition to raising awareness of the campaign, the BBQ tour is about recognising and thanking our hauliers for their contribution to the UK economy.”

To sign the petition, visit: Also, join our Facebook Group: ‘The Fuelcard Company – ‘Don’t Fleece Our Fleet’ or search for ‘Fueltaxcampaign’ on


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