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19 Jun 2010

Illegal wheel clamping is still a widespread menace, according to a report in the Daily Telegraph.

The paper reports that some clampers are still concealing vital signage, using decoy vehicles to lure motorists onto patches of land, and charging double the amount they legally can to remove the clamps.

Some are even refusing any sort of appeal, failing to answer complaints and abusing contracts with landowners.

Edmund King, the President of the AA, said:“The fact that a clamper in the Midlands was jailed recently highlights the scale this problem has reached. The public have a right to be treated humanely when they make minor parking mistakes. The law must afford people protection.”

It is time for the law to come down like a ton of something quite heavy on illegal clamping. Such firms are making money through something that it is hard to see as anything more than extortion.


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