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3 Jun 2010

We’ve all been there. The fuel gauge shows you’re running on reserves but you believe that fate will smile at you and that you WILL reach your destination as planned, or at the very least, the next petrol station.

A bit of a rose-tinted view when in reality you’re running on vapours and could conk out at any moment.  When that happens on a rural road in the middle of nowhere, or on a high-speed motorway, it’s really not good news.

Breakdown cover experts Green Flag highlighted this week that some motorists are leaving it to the very last minute to fill up, resulting in a break-down before they get anywhere near a pump. What are the chances?

While we understand that rising fuel costs can make even the most sensible person throw caution to the wind at times, this kind of risk-taking is one of the reasons why Green Flag receives over 3,000 calls relating to fuel each year.

None of us are perfect, but it vexes us that so many people are getting into what are, at the end of the day, avoidable problems.

The organisation also raises the issue of misfuelling, another common blunder when the wrong type of fuel for an engine is used. So nothing’s changed much since last year, when The Fuelcard Company highlighted that misfuelling costs motorists £400 million a year. Statistics at the time showed that misfuelling occurs up to 400 times a day.

What a difference it would make if drivers paid as much attention to their fuel tank as they do to the road every day.


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