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We are disappointed to read the results of a new survey by Which? Car which suggested showrooms are often less than clear about the cost of interest when vehicles are bought on finance.

The magazine’s researchers visited 15 dealerships but none were told the total cost of the interest payable in finance deals. Two thirds of salespeople did not mention the APR and a third did not even include this information in written quotes – a contravention of the Consumer Credit Act.

One salesman even declined to give a written quotation at all.

Such omissions are in some ways understandable – but that doesn’t make them any less excusable. Showroom salesmen are keen to sell cars, and so do not wish to encourage second thoughts in potential customers about one of the most expensive purchases they will ever make.

But actively concealing interest costs by omitting it from written quotations is shoddy, and more importantly, illegal. Any car dealer worth their salt will find a way to present this information to customers in a responsible manner.

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