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25 May 2010

New research from Kwik-Fit raised a few eyebrows here at The Fuelcard Company.

Apparently an increasing number of motorists are doing – or at least trying to – do their own car maintenance and repairs to save money.

According to the research, an additional 1.6 million motorists have serviced their own cars in the last 12 months, a total of 35 per cent. However, 69 per cent of respondents admitted that they do not feel confident doing so. The overlap could mean that an alarming 1.25 million drivers are driving poorly or wrongly repaired vehicles.

In addition, there has been a substantial drop in the number of cars being serviced in garages: 2.5 million fewer during 2009.

There can be little doubt that driving is an expensive pursuit and one that is not getting any cheaper, thanks to the UK’s sky-high fuel taxes. But servicing your own car is a potential recipe for disaster. When you are whizzing down the motorway at 70mph, your life literally depends on the car working as it should.


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