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No more scrapping over a new car

The prospect of buying a shiny but expensive new vehicle is often nothing more than a pipe-dream, but our national scrappage scheme made it a reality for many people who had never bought a new car before.
According to Government findings released yesterday, the day the UK scrappage scheme ended, the scheme helped up to 400,000 customers buy a new car.

Scrappage buyers were surveyed on their experience, with 54 per cent saying they had never bought a new car before the scheme, and 56 per cent admitting that they would not have purchased any vehicle if it wasn’t for scrappage.
According to the latest figures, scrappage contributed to around one fifth of all new car registrations since the scheme started.

Interestingly, 60 per cent of car owners surveyed who bought a new vehicle under the scheme were over 60 years old.
It’s worth remembering, however, that for some younger buyers aged between 20-35 who perhaps don’t have the same saving accounts of 60-year-olds, £2,000 off a new car worth tens of thousands of pounds still doesn’t make the pipe dream any more of a reality.


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