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Firey words on fuel from the SNP

Last week, the Scottish National Party (SNP) returned to the ever contentious issue of UK fuel pricing. The party launched a poster depicting leader Alex Salmond as DCI Gene Hunt from popular BBC drama series ‘Ashes To Ashes’, with the slogan “Fire up the Quattro? Only by voting SNP for fair fuel prices”.

The poster, the first in a series, riffs on an poster recently created for the Labour Party depicting Conservative leader David Cameron as Gene Hunt and suggesting that the Tories would take Britain back to the 1980s if elected

Fuel prices are a particularly hot topic north of the border, as much of Britain’s North Sea oil wealth is sourced in Scottish territorial waters.

To quote Mr MacNeil: “An oil-rich nation like Scotland should be reaping the benefits from our offshore resources – not watching as North Sea revenues flow into a black hole in Treasury coffers while the Scottish budget is slashed.”

Last year, the SNP drew attention to the ever-growing burden of fuel duty in the UK. In November last year – and we have, of course, seen further duty rises since – tax was already responsible for making the second cheapest diesel fuel in Europe the most expensive. Yes, tax takes us from just above Bulgaria, home of the continent’s cheapest diesel, right to the very top of the European price chart.

It’s quite extraordinary when looked at in those terms. The current government seems to regard fuel as a luxury item – not unlike alcohol and cigarettes – which can be endlessly taxed with impunity, seeming to entirely forget that large sectors of the population rely completely on their cars. They seem to have forgotten, that, in fact, the internal combustion engine is the very motor on which our economy runs.

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