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Does the Highway Code apply to UFOs?

Well, should they? You may think it’s a silly question but we found ourselves asking that very question this week.

Southwark Council has released a list of excuses offered by local drivers who have been found guilty of various driving offences.

These include a driver who claimed to have swerved into a bus lane in order to avoid a UFO. The driver told officials that he would “never normally” use a bus lane but had to avoid the UFO that was hurtling towards him in the south London borough.

Council officials were unimpressed, however, as traffic cameras failed to catch sight of the UFO, and his appeal was rejected.

Other optimistic excuses included a driver who claimed to be colour blind and therefore unable to see the colour of double yellow lines; and a motorist who said he did not know what a residential parking bay was.

Gill Davies of Southwark Council, said: “The imagination of some of the drivers is quite impressive. But UFOs and colour blindness unfortunately do not count as legitimate reasons to overturn a parking ticket.”

We say: if only.


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