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Kinder Driving

Well that’s a novel idea – a driving test with fuel-efficient driving as a mandatory component.  Driving in a fuel efficient way may one day become second nature, just like checking your mirrors or putting on your seat-belt. It could also make you up to £250 a year richer.

Being kind to the environment as well as coming to grips with the gears and all the other challenging aspects of driving is already part of driving instruction, but the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has said making it mandatory – i.e. equating to a pass or a fail – would lower UK emissions and lead to significant savings for motorists.  Makes sense.

A lot of learners would probably say they find just operating the gears and clutch hard enough, let alone trying to save fuel as well, but you’d be hard-pressed to find people who would say no to saving £250 a year.

Dr Neil Bentley, CBI Director of Business Environment, said: “The Government needs to take action now to incentivise consumers to make energy efficient choices and ensure it provides the right framework to spur on businesses to develop exciting new products.”

Sometimes it is the simplest things that make the biggest difference.


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