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Electric cars shock!

All-electric cars are not the environmental panacea they are often made out to be – that’s the shock conclusion of a major new report from the Environmental Transport Association (ETA).

If everyone started driving electric cars tomorrow, the amount of additional electricity required would increase rather than decrease pollution, the ETA claims.

The report dubs the idea that electric cars automatically cut CO2 pollution a myth, and claims the current system of emissions and energy regulation needs root and branch reforming to effectively address global pollution.

ETA Director Andrew Davies explains: “Whilst the report is not intended to dampen enthusiasm for electric vehicles, their introduction should not be viewed as a panacea. Significant changes to the way we produce and tax power are needed before we will reap any benefits.”

In other words – electric cars have a meaningful role to play, but until global energy regulation begins to change, beware the wilder claims made in their favour.

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