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Which Fuel Card Should I buy?

If you have decided to go ahead with a business fuel card, it is imperative to make a wise decision in terms of which fuel card is suitable for your business operations. A fuel card used by one company may not be suitable for another company. There are many before going ahead with the selection of a business fuel card.

We always advise our potential clients to understand the differences between fuel cards being offered by fuel suppliers like Shell, Keyfuels, Esso, Texaco and others. To assist you in making an informed decision for the best interests of your business, we have identified 6 points that you must address before buying a fuel card. These points are worth your consideration and will help you in figuring out the best fuel card for your company. Consider these as part of a very quick checklist before selecting fuel cards.

1. Do you prefer fuel cards from a specific fuel supplier? There are certain business organizations that wish to work with a single fuel company across the nation. If this is the case, we advise checking with the potential fuel company on network coverage across your area of operation in UK and Europe. For example, Shell comes with multiple variants of fuel cards and one of them is the Fleet fuel card.

2. What fuel type do you want? If you are looking for fuel cards meant for petrol only or diesel only, then your options and potential selection will depend on the fuel supplier that offers cards with either petrol or diesel options. Take an example of CRT card offered by Shell for diesel vehicles only.

3. Do you want a UK-only or Europe card?  Does your fleet solely through UK or does it involve travel to other European countries? There are multiple cards that will allow you to fill your tank in the UK and Europe or UK only. Depending on your preference, you    can select the appropriate card. For example, the UTA card is available for use across Europe.

4. Do you want a card for a fleet of cars or trucks? This is a pertinent question for companies with fleets of cars and trucks or those companies that specialize in cars, vans or trucks only. For example, Esso offers a truck card for a fleet of PSVs and HGVs. Similarly, another fuel supplier, Keyfuels offers cards that are highly suitable for vans.

5. Do you need a single network or multi-network fuelcard?  While you may prefer working with a single fuel supplier, it is possible for you to re-fuel at other fuel supplier’s outlets as well with certain fuel cards. For example, the Esso multi network Fuel card comes with the ability to re-fuelling at Esso and Shell stations nationwide.

6. Do you want a fixed price fuel card or a pump price fuel card? You may look into your business fuel needs to identify whether a card with fixed price for fuel is more suitable than a fuel card that charges the price from the pump at the time of re-fuelling. Take  the example of the Esso Truck card that comes with fixed diesel price for each week.

If you are able to take a minute and answer these questions, your card options will unfold by themselves, thus simplifying your decision making.


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