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Let us go about our business and stop fining us, say CV drivers

This week Fleet News reported a huge coup for London fleets – local authorities have decided to double the allowed loading time for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes in the capital, from 20 to 40 minutes.
Here, here, we say! Any developments which make it easier for hauliers to do their job are music to our ears.
However, fleet managers around the country are calling for the scheme to be applied to all other commercial vehicles (CVs) and other cities in the UK. Too right!
Commercial van, lorry and fuel card holders up and down the country carry out daily deliveries and collections vital to the general economy, but yet many are caught out by hefty parking tickets when their loading time overruns.
While Leigh Stiff, Fleet Manager at Hannaford, points out that many restrictions are there for a reason and without them it would probably be “a free-for-all”, he told Fleet News that loading times should be more realistic.
Meanwhile, exasperated urban traders and drivers debated the numerous expenses they have to pay on a daily basis on, with regular themes including parking tickets, parking fees when only stopping temporarily, high fuel prices, and road tax.


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