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Annual cost of motoring soars

The RAC yesterday released figures which puts the average cost of motoring in 2012 at £6,689 per year. That’s a rise of 14 percent compared with last year when running a car set you back £5,869.

This figure is calculated by looking at the cost of everything from insurance and car tax to maintenance and the depreciation of value.

But according to the RAC, the biggest contributor to this hike is the soaring price of petrol which has risen by 16.9 percent and diesel which has gone up 20.3 percent, in the last two years.

Taking this into account, it’s simply madness for the treasury to raise fuel duty again in August (which they are planning by the way). If that happens, it’ll mean for every litre of petrol you buy, 85p will be going straight to the treasury as fuel duty.

Our friends at FairFuelUK are fighting the government on this issue and asking for your support. Sign their petition and show the government they’re out of touch with common concerns – like motoring costs of over £6,000 per year.

At this price, it means drivers are paying a massive 55.7p a mile to keep their cars on the road. And yet our roads aren’t even worthy of driving on. As one of our previous blogs showed, UK roads are a far stretch behind the standard they should be. The Asphalt Industry Alliance put the figure needed to completely repair Britain’s roads at £10billion.

We know these are austere times, but it is a cruel joke that Britons are paying more than ever to keep their cars on the roads, when the roads themselves are worse than ever.



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