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MPs disconnected from real fuel issues

Last week Nick Clegg was told by supermarket Morrisons that one in five mothers skip a meal a day to provide for their children (with one of their biggest concerns being the price of petrol).

This is a sad testament to the pressures real families are under, but still our government remains deaf to these pleading voices.

Robert Halfon, the MP for Harlow, is a rare breed of minister who seems to actually understand real family concerns: “In my constituency [petrol prices are] the number one issue,” he said. “No one talks to me about Rupert Murdoch, they talk about petrol and utility prices.

“High petrol prices are crushing families when they take their children to school or shopping and are crushing businesses.”

The average UK petrol price is still at an all time high of 142.48p per litre, and yet the Chancellor is adamant he will raise fuel duty by another 3p per litre in August.  So that’ll mean for every litre of petrol you buy, 85p will be going straight to the treasury. It’s simply not acceptable when there are people struggling to feed their family.

Our friends at FairFuelUK are right when they say there is a ‘political disconnect’. The Prime Minister, the Chancellor and the Cabinet are out of touch and ignorant of how badly this is affecting the British public.

That’s why we’re backing the fight against the political disconnect. You can show your support too by filling in the survey, ‘Why Our Politicians Need to Act on Fuel Duty’.

Do it, and tell our government to scrap the proposed fuel duty increase.

Thank you, rant over (for now…).


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