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Fuel Card Blog Updates: Join the National FairFuel Day fight

The National FairFuel Day on March 7th, supported by The Fuelcard Company, RHA and FTA, is the motorist’s unique opportunity to personally fight for lower fuel duty. On this day we will have the chance to convince the Government to get the UK economy motoring and for the Treasury at last, to hopefully see sense. Any change in Government taxation on petrol and diesel will be only be made by influencing the Government itself and that means going right to the heart of Parliament. To lobby MPs!

In this time of austerity it is vital that MPs (many who are disconnected from the impact of high fuel prices) recognise the horrendous experiences of businesses and the public because of the current crippling fuel duty level. The more motorists, white van drivers, hauliers, truckers, taxi drivers and all those that need their wheels to exist yet alone work that come and mass lobby Parliament, the more likely MPs will put pressure on the Treasury to act. All MPs have to recognise that a significant cut in fuel duty will help the economy and not affect HMRC tax revenues. The consequences are clear, a decent cut in fuel duty will stimulate the economy. It will mean consumers spending more, further VAT revenue obtained, increased corporation tax and PAYE too.

The only way to make this happen is by putting pressure on the MPs, who in turn will make representations to the Treasury. We need as many people as possible to be outside Parliament on March 7th after PMQs. For details please go to .

Last year, with your help, the FairFuelUK campaign saw off rises that would have put another 9p per litre on the cost of every litre of petrol and diesel.  That was important, but petrol & diesel remain far too expensive.  In fact, diesel is at record levels!   We know from the reaction of Ministers and MPs that the FairFuelUK campaign has had a real impact on the Government.  The thousands of letters and emails, the media events, the meetings with groups of MPs and our presence on the TV and Radio have had an enormous impact.

However, sometimes, it’s important that the politicians actually get to meet the people suffering because of an issue. To that end, the National FairFuel Day’s mass lobby of Parliament during the afternoon of Wednesday March 7th is your chance to make a real difference.  As a citizen, you have the right to enter Parliament and ask to see your MP.  This right is centuries old.  When lots of people agree to do this on the same day about the same issue it is called a ‘mass lobby’

If you can’t attend on the day please sign up to support the campaign at  and tell everyone you know to sign up too. Get on Twitter  and Facebook to tell friends and colleagues to be in Westminster on March 7th.  Buy a FairFuelUK “cut tax now” sticker to display in your vehicle from the FairFuelUK website which helps to support the campaign’s activities. Write directly to your MP by letter or email as to how a cut in fuel duty will help your job, business and in your personal life too. How such a cut will contribute so much more to the UK Economy than continual high levels of taxation. To find out who your local MP is and their email address go to

The backers of FairFuelUK have commissioned a highly recognised and respected independent Economist and Business Research Company to ask the question will the UK Economy benefit from a significant cut in fuel duty. Findings from this study will be announced prior to the Budget.

So, please come and lobby your MP on National FairFuel Day. Simply register you are coming by completing the form on the website. We look forward to seeing you there. Let’s make the Government recognise we need that fuel duty cut now before it’s too late!

Peter Carroll, Quentin Willson, Howard Cox. FairFuelUK


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