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Fuel Card Blog Updates: Northern Irish fuel prices highest in the UK

The Consumer Council for Northern Ireland is reporting that Northern Ireland is facing higher fuel prices than any other region in the United Kingdom, and that worse is yet to come.

Although we’re all painfully aware of how high fuel prices are affecting both our industry and everyday motorists in general, the prices in Northern Ireland are still shocking. Prices there are reaching an average of 134.6p per litre for unleaded petrol and 142.8p per litre for diesel and if prices are still rising, as the report has suggested, it could be catastrophic for Northern Ireland’s transport industry.

The Consumer Council is rightly supporting calls for an EU investigation into the price of fuel and is pressuring major supermarkets to end regional pricing, which can add up to 6p per litre to the price of fuel in some areas. In January, petrol was on average 5p cheaper south of the border in Ireland while diesel was a huge 15p cheaper. Just pennies, but we know what a difference they can make!

The AA’s latest fuel price report revealed that in the UK as a whole, the average petrol price has been above 130p per litre since March 2011 and diesel above 140p per litre since July 2011, with average forecourt prices in January reaching 133.5p per litre and diesel 141.9p per litre. Can we continue to afford to do our jobs at these prices?

The Consumer Council has written to the chancellor to ask what the Government can do to help consumers affected by high fuel prices. The Fuelcard Company is also supporting FairFuelUK in its campaign to lower fuel prices. To show your support, visit FairFuelUK’s website and sign the petition to fight for a fairer deal for motorists, UK businesses and the road freight industry.


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