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Fuel Card Blog Updates: Motoring tax misery

The latest official figures, released today, show that our Government takes a whopping three times more motoring taxes than is actually spent on our roads.

In 2010, fuel taxes raised around £27bn for the Treasury with £5bn of that coming from the vehicle excise duty (VED) that we pay. But today’s figures – released by the Department of Transport (DfT) – show that just under £9.5bn was spent on local and national roads combined. So where’s the other £17bn-odd going?

VED has almost doubled since 1987 and the increase in revenue from fuel duty has more than tripled. Hang on – why are we still driving over and around potholes every day? Something isn’t adding up.

Whether we agree with the cost or not, we know where our fuel tax goes. Is someone going to explain to us where the rest of our motoring taxes are going? The figures also illuminates that, unsurprisingly, the overall cost of motoring (including purchase, petrol, oil, tax and insurance) has risen slowly since 1997 although there was a larger increase in 2010. Interestingly, public transport fares have followed a similar pattern.

Not only are us in the transport sector being taxed off the roads while carrying out our jobs, now private motorists and even bus and rail travellers are being forced to re-consider journeys. We’re not convinced this is the right way to reignite the economy, and would like an explanation as to where every penny of our tax is going.


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