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Fuel Card Blog Updates: Fuel Duty Rise is Economics of the Asylum – Quentin Willson guest blogger

Quentin Willson FairFuelUK

Quentin Willson

Motoring expert and FairFuelUK spokesperson Quentin Willson is our guest blogger this week commenting on today’s Commons debate on fuel pricing:

“We’re facing asylum economics; a crazy and cruel fuel tax regime that puts the poorest at a disadvantage and makes everything we do and buy ever more expensive.

“And the real lunacy comes next year when the Government wants to hike the duty on petrol and diesel by another 33p a gallon. And no, I’m not making that up. That’s why forcing a fuel pricing debate in the Commons was so critically important. MPs and Ministers need to understand just how desperate it is out there and that we want Westminster to dump this daft proposed rise as well as cutting duty, soon.

“Because here’s the thing, having the highest fuel duty in the Eurozone is making us drive, and spend, less, in turn reducing tax and VAT revenues into the Treasury and strangling economic growth. Ask any of the major supermarkets or big high street names and they’ll tell you that high fuel prices are hijacking consumer activity.

“Reducing duty would give an instant stimulus to the economy and put thousands of pounds a year back into even the smallest business. Only a madman would disagree.”

For further details on the FairFuelUK campaign and for updates of the fuel pricing debate, visit


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