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Fuelcard Blog Update: Service Station Comeback Tour

Britain’s first motorway service station was formally opened on 2 November 1959 in an austere ceremony. “Ye Olde Over-Priced Sandwich Shoppe” read the banner on the bland shack as millions of motorists across Britain sighed heavily at the prospect of having to routinely stop to ‘stretch their legs’ in these featureless complexes. The owners even sent out an apologetic press release shortly after, asking for forgiveness for plaguing motorways with these atrocities.

Unfortunately, despite the combined efforts of central government, the police force and the army, the service stations spread to all corners of the UK motorway network, and continue to haunt us wherever we travel.

A recent survey released by has recommended that we fall back in love with service stations. Personally, I’m struggling to find the reason we ever ‘fell out of love’ with them, I mean what’s not to love? If someone asked me if I wanted to spend half an hour in a dingy hall that smelt faintly of urine then pay £1.40 for a Kit-kat I’d say sign me up…

Regrettably, sometimes there’s no way of avoiding service stations, it’s important to take regular breaks on long journeys. However, when said breaks involve forcing down a service station cheese sandwich, no doubt stuffed with so many preserving agents the EU have considered placing a biohazard warning on the packaging, many drivers would no doubt rather push on, stomach rumbling. What’s worse while driving: feeling drowsy at the wheel or spontaneously sprouting an extra arm from excessive E number consumption?

Don’t worry though, have teamed up with comedian Matthew Horne (a household name?) to bring laughter to Britain’s service stations. In my opinion, the only laughter you’ll ever hear in these ‘airports of the motorway’ is the maniacal variety as somebody pays a visit with a bulldozer and some explosives.


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