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Fuelcard Blog Updates: Ban bad driving

Time and time again, drivers have been urged to consider the true impact of fuel inefficiency on their overall motoring costs. Now, The Fuelcard Company has warned that businesses across the country could be losing thousands of pounds every year due to bad driving habits.

If there was ever a time not to be frittering away such significant sums of money, it’s now.  You’d think with fuel prices at an all-time high, more people would stop and think about how exceeding the speed limit, using the wrong gear or braking too hard is impacting on how far their money goes after filling up.

Such bad driving habits can increase fuel consumption by 40 percent, which, with the cost of diesel reaching 139.42 pence per litre, can be extremely costly for companies with large vehicle fleets.

The Fuelcard Company has urged companies across a wide range of industries, from construction to agriculture, to ban bad driving once and for all. Jakes de Kock, marketing director, said if firms can tackle fuel inefficiency now they could make significant cost savings which could help them survive the economic recovery.

That’s how serious the issue is. Bad driving has the potential to put people out of business.

De Kock said: “We have developed a culture of ‘super-efficiency’, where jobs must be completed in an increasingly short period of time which can sometimes result in risks being taken on the road. However, contrary to cutting costs, this actually wastes money by consuming more fuel and leading to more vehicle maintenance work.”

Efficient driving, regular vehicle servicing and using fuel cards are all good ways to cut fuel spend.

So, to sum up, bad driving is bad news for your company. Ban it before that bad news makes the headlines.


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