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Fuelcard Blog Updates: On your bike!

This week Halfords reported an increase in its bike sales, suggesting that the burden of rising fuel prices has finally forced the nation to dust off their cycling helmets and rediscover this long forgotten mode of transport. Although this is great news for motorists whose addiction to their vehicles has resulted in a steadily increasing waist-line over the years, we wonder how long the love affair will last.

Britain’s provision for cyclists is somewhat lacking. The existence of allocated bike lanes ranges from sketchy to non-existent and despite many an advertising campaign anyone who cycles around a major city knows that motorists DO NOT LOOK OUT FOR CYCLISTS. How much use will that shiny new cycling helmet get before it is packed hastily back in its box and motorists go scuttling gratefully back to the warm, protective safety of their cars. And who can blame them?

According to Halfords, not only have bike sales increased by 11.5 percent compared to last year, but demand for ‘top-of-the-range’ bike models, such as the £500 Voodoo bike, is higher than ever. So not only will drivers be left with the pain of having to admit defeat – because let’s face it, the bike will probably be banished to the shed within a fortnight after said purchaser experienced the sheer terror of cycling on UK roads – but they will also have forked out a hefty amount of cash for a new bike which could have kept them in fuel for a month.

Okay, okay, call us cynical if you like. Inevitably there will be a few determined cyclists who will swallow their fear and set out, steely-eyed, each morning risking life and limb to get to the office, however most ‘normal’ people will not be prepared to go these extra lengths.

Although it would be nice to declare the fuel crisis has led to a healthier way of life, we are a nation of car-addicts and the love-affair isn’t over yet, no matter how expensive fuel becomes.


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