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Fuelcard Blog Update: Slow down, speed up

Barely a week goes by without a warning about speed cameras and the dangers of speed-happy driving. Now the opposite side of the spectrum has been highlighted, with British drivers calling for a device which can identify – and ultimately penalise – excessively slow driving.

We’ve all been there; either stuck behind a tractor, ‘Sunday driver’ or learner, and felt our blood pressure and stress levels soar as a result.

We admit that people these days are in too much of a rush, even when it is not necessary. We also do not condone intimidating or reckless driving behaviour caused by having to follow a slower vehicle, especially if it is unavoidable, for example a learner on their first lesson or an agricultural vehicle.

However, driving too slow for the road conditions can be very dangerous. Even the most patient driver can resort to risky manoeuvres out of frustration and now research has suggested over half of British motorists support the idea of introducing slow speed cameras to catch dawdling drivers. The Department of Transport has revealed that 143 accidents a year are caused by slow travellers and Gareth Kloet, head of car insurance at, states they are “a constant source of anxiety on British roads”.

Currently, there are few measures to prevent drivers from travelling too slowly but many hope that introducing slow speed cameras could cut down on people travelling at below a minimum designated speed limit. Currently, minimum speed limits are enforced on some motorways but no such measures exist on a widespread basis.

The slow speed cameras would be designed to identify drivers who are driving too slowly. This would then be followed by a fine. Peter Rodgers from the Institute of Advanced Motorists supports the concept, stating: “All forms of inconsiderate driving need to be tackled.”

The lesson here is to honour speed limits, but when driving within the speed limit, adapt your speed for the road conditions. In a snowy blizzard, everyone knows what to do. In good, sunny, dry conditions in national speed limit with little traffic, nobody should be driving at 30mph.


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