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The potential perils of a light snooze

We’ve all been there, whether it’s at work, in the library or just snuggled up on the sofa reading a book. It starts with a heaviness behind the eyes and before you know it your head is drooping and you are asleep. However if you are behind the wheel when this happens you might wake up with more than just a sore neck.

Research published this week reveals that one in every eight drivers on the road have been so tired behind the wheel that they have fallen asleep for several seconds, referred to in the trade as ‘head-nodding’. Every driver knows how important it is to be awake and alert behind the wheel but it seems many are ignoring the warning signs and taking risks which could put themselves and their fellow road users in danger.

When it comes to driving it is important to remember that you are in control of a large vehicle and as generations of children learnt from their favourite superhero – with great power, comes great responsibility. While it might feel very important to get to your destination by a certain time, there is no excuse for putting others at risk and drivers must learn to heed the warning signs and take a break when they need one.

There are plenty of ways to break up a journey with modern motorways having been designed to accommodate those who require regular pit-stops. Just a five minute walk around a service station or a quick trip to the toilet can relieve tiredness and boost energy levels

The golden rule: if you feel tired, take a break!


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