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Fuelcard Blog Updates: Give us a sign!

This week we heard that had commissioned the creation of a pothole warning sign and launched a petition urging the Government to introduce it across UK roads.

The sign, with the traditional triangular red-border, contains an image of a car with one wheel down a hole. Quite ingenious really…

Our first reactions (after only that very same morning whacking the bumper on an unseen pothole on our way into the office), was ‘About time! We certainly need it given the state of our crumbling road network’, and ‘It will be nice to have some prior warning before pitching into a huge gaping crater in the road, sending an entire car-full of possessions crashing into the windscreen’.

However then we considered the cost of installing the signs on, let’s face it, the majority of A roads and every B road across the country at a cost of roughly £100 per sign. Phew! We can’t even do the maths with numbers that high. Wouldn’t it be cheaper for the Government to just fix the potholes?

Our sources have informed us that it costs £50-£60 to fix a pothole. A mere snip compared to the cost of installing a new road sign.

We certainly admire’s pro-activity in commissioning the sign and, although perhaps not a solution to the problem, we hope that the exercise has drawn the Government’s attention to the extent of our pothole crisis.

We understand that the Government’s budget is tight, but so is ours! And we can’t afford to be replacing the car exhaust every two months because the road is riddled with potholes. The Government promised to address the crumbling road network in the Budget, so why are we still bouncing to work?


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