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Fuelcard Blog Updates: Give us a break!

It turns out the powers-that-be are more willing to pass on hikes in oil prices to motorists than falls – funny that. Time and time again, the UK’s drivers, and any businesses that rely on driving, are being used as a punch bag for potentially devastating blows.

We could have benefited from a potential 4p per litre saving in the month to mid-June, according to the AA, but instead this reduction never made it to the pumps.

Once again, the motoring industry is calling on the Government in unison to explain how pump prices are calculated and to make them fairer. Talk about a broken record – campaigners have been tirelessly working over the last year for fairer fuel and any measures eked, kicking and screaming, out of the Government so far just haven’t cut it.

The Fuelcard Company, which has supported the fair fuel campaigns, has recently joined forces with the Road Haulage Association to highlight that the Government should wean itself off its reliance on fuel taxation and introduce a “workable solution to stabilise the price of fuel”.

It has been claimed that any benefits created by the fair fuel stabiliser introduced by the Government in the spring budget have been outweighed by crude oil price rises. “The Chancellor of the Exchequer promised a workable solution to stabilise the price of fuel in his April budget,” added RHA Chief Executive Geoff Dunning. “We MUST see this implemented as a matter of extreme urgency because, for many, time is running out.”

Wise words. Time for the Government to wise up.


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